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NARI Member Feature: Matt Ocel of Ocel Builders Inc.
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Matt Ocel has been the owner of Ocel Builders Inc. for eleven years.  Matt helps clients in the Minneapolis metro area and beyond, and his specialties include bathroom remodels and renovating homes to age-in-place. Starting in the industry as Construction Manager for a local builder, Matt founded his company when he needed a job after the 2008 recession. Driven to succeed, Matt sets himself apart through his commitment to doing his best, hard work, and honesty.
Name: Matt Ocel
Company Name: Ocel Builders Inc.
City: Farmington
Area(s) of Service: Metro area and beyond
Years in Business:11
Specialties: Baths / Aging in Place
What was your first job growing up?
Cleaning wheelchairs for my Dad’s company.
What did you learn from it?
I learned that I didn’t want to do that my entire life!
Tell us the story of how you started your business? And why?
I was working as a Construction Manager for a home builder, and when the market took a turn in 2008, I needed a job.  
What three things have contributed the most to your success?
Hard work, doing my best, and being honest.
What aspect of being a business owner do you like the best?
I like getting to call the shots.
What is a personal strength of yours that's helped get your company where it is today?
Actually, it’s a fear.  Fear of failure is what drives me to be successful.  
Tell us about a hardship you’ve faced in your professional or personal life.
In the beginning, it was a lack of work.  
How did you overcome it?
I never said no to a project.
What did you learn?
I learned that it helped me build a solid customer base.
Do you see any big changes coming for the remodeling industry in the next ten years?
I think the biggest challenge we face is lack of labor.
Why are you a NARI member?
For validity, in today’s world clients do their homework and want to make sure they are hiring quality contractors. Having the NARI affiliation sets them at ease.
How have you been involved in NARI over the years?
To be honest, I haven’t. I just send in my dues annually. I’ve been too busy building my business, but recently I’ve had time to rethink that.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the industry?
Same as what helped me -work hard, do your best, be honest.
Quick Facts:
Favorite vacation spot? My cabin in Outing, MN
Where can you be found on the weekend? My cabin in MN
What age would you like to retire at? I keep asking myself that. I don’t see myself retired, ever!
Favorite holiday and why? That’s easy, Christmas; it’s magical. The crazy thing is that I still look up at the sky on Christmas Eve, and for a brief moment, I still believe.  

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